We are Certified Mold Inspectors and Remediators. We specialize in A/C Systems mold contamination detection and removal.

We have found from experience that in Northeast Florida a large percentage of homes and buildings have mold growing within their A/C syytem Air Handlers and ducts. In many cases we have found the reasons for the growth and have been able to prevent the return of mold.

A few facts you should know:

•   one-quarter of the biological mass of the earth is mold.

•   We carry mold spores indoors on our clothes just as we do pollen.

•   Animal dander, smoke particles, candle smoke, and cooking residue are primary food for mold.

•   Under the right conditions 33 million mold plants can grow in a 12 hour period.

•   The proportion of buildings with mold growth in North America is perhaps as high as 20 to 40 percent. Data from the United States suggests that 40% of the buildings are moldy. (Mold Health Guide, Phillip Fry).

•   School systems with aging , poorly maintained HVAC systems are a significant reason that school environments often have high levels of mold spores. Erik Emblem, Executive Director of the National Energy Management Institute.