And because they are not all the same our duct cleaning procedures differ to best fit the situation. Many factors determine the design of the duct system: The year it was installed, the materials, the Contractor who installed it, the size of your home, etc. There is metal ductwork, flex ductwork, fiberboard ductwork, and even plastic ductwork.

We have the equipment and experience to effectively clean all types. Below is a brief description of our systems:

ROTOBRUSH DUCT CLEANING  - The Rotobrush system consists of various size and textured brushes which operate in two directions and have powerful suction which enters HEPA filters. It is inserted into the trunks and each air duct. It breaks up any deposits and vacuums the deposits through HEPA filters into disposable containment bags. The powerful Rotobrush easily cleans all types of air duct construction. The flexable hoses can navigate ductwork including making 90 degree multiple bends.

NEGATIVE AIR/VACUUM DUCT CLEANING   - When more serious pollutant buildup is neccessary, a powerful suction machine is attached to the AC system. The machine "sucks" the pollutants outdoors leaving the indoors clean. The Rotobrush, compressed air whips, or sonic device are then applied to each duct thus breaking up any debris.

SONIC DUCT CLEANING   - Sensitive electronic equipment, jewelry, and even teeth are cleaned by ultrasound. Now we exclusively offer Sonic duct cleaning.

Call us today at (904) 316-3237 for a duct cleaning estimate. Most can be conducted over the phone.

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